funding research and development in Neonatal research and care through Cincinnati Children's Hospital as well as other local organizations.


Our founder


  1.  2011 - Chris and Betsy Leonidas welcome a healthy boy into their lives. "Big Brother" Hayden.
  2. 2012 - Chris and Betsy find out they've been fortunate enough to become pregnant with another baby, a girl!
  3. 2013 - July 24th, Adeline Leonidas is born a month early, but healthy. The family goes home a few days later.
  4. 2013 -A week later, Adeline is hospitalized with a severe case of Entero Virus. Her liver is not functioning and in turn her brain is bleeding. For days she is gravely ill, but thanks to the support both in the hospital and out, she is brought back over the coming weeks. Feeling so helpless living in the hospital, Chris and Betsy vow to give back in whatever capacity they can and theleonidasfoundation is born.

Foundation History

Witnessing the amazing miracles that my daughter Adeline was lucky enough to receive after birth changed my view of Children's Hospital. Although still needed for the stitches and casts of thousands of kids, many more are in need of far more care. Feeling so helpless while the doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to save my daughter, my wife and I needed to give back however we could. Through this foundation we will raise money and help more and more families just like ours continue have miracles performed for them.

our team

mission & vision

Continually funding research and development in neonatal research and care through Cincinnati Children's Hospital as well as other local organizations.


We are always seeking out helping hands that will inspire us and innovate new ways to raise more money for the cause. Contact us to see what you can do to help!

upcoming programs

August of 2014 will welcome the first annual "Cincinnati Cup" fundraiser. High goal polo as the  centerpiece for a fun filled event and elegant affair!

Justin Thompson
Chief of Networking and Logistics

Jenny Keighley
Chief of PR and Publicity

Betsy Leonidas
Chief all around Marketing and Promotions

Christopher Leonidas

Founder and Fundraiser